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>> charles: gus, you know what happened there. hobbi, the center, can't anchor. having trouble, getting pushed back into matt barkley. this play came back. fortunate nothing happened. the very next play, a touchdown. but look what happens in the middle there. and then look at the pressure inside in the face of matt barkley. and then again, it's not all on has beobbi made it tough on the others trying to protect. >> gus: third down and three. 1 and 10 on third down conversion. barkley over the middle. incomplete. marqise lee, the intended receiver. that ball thrown behind. >> charles: i have to believe the pressure of the evening caused the inaccuracy because there was nothing in barkley's face on that play. all evening long had to try and throw with pressure and his mental clock fed up. that came out inaccurately off his
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hands. >> gus: matt barkley, 16 of 34. two interceptions. 0 for 3 in his career against the cardinals. terrell back deep as negrete stands at the 19. and a roll and will be down inside the 20. a 48-yard punt. 8:40 to go. 21-14, stanford. >> charles: this is the time where if that running game can stay true to form, they can eat up a lot of time. and this is what they love. big people working on big people. led the running back by the 3-4 seam and get what they can. now, the off season, usc spent a lot of time. you see the rushing yardage, huge in stanford's favor. usc spending a lot of
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time in take-aways. that's what made them great in the early 2000s. they have gotten better at that. they need one in a big way right now. >> gus: first down and ten at the 19. for josh nunes and the stanford offense. taylor is back with mark dawson getting into the backfield. >> charles: watch how this possession goes. usc gets an opportunity to stack up the ball carrier. second man, third man in, they're all raking in the football, trying to knock it free and create a big play. >> gus: lane kiffin. right now stanford giving them a run. up by seven. second down and nine. play fake, nunes rolling out. over the middle. ertz again, first down cardinals.
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they said this kid was unflappable. they said he knew how to make all the right decisions and forget about mistakes. and he has done that. >> charles: thrown a couple interceptions tonight but david shaw told us he thinks this kid has grown up tonight. why is he telling us that? because he has a seven-point lead in his own territory, second and long, boots him out of the pocket and a chance to throw the football and pick up a first down. they are not tucking it in totally against usc. >> gus: from the 30. here's the handoff. and almost another first down again. this time it's taylor picking up eight. >> charles: that
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offensive line is really starting to mash. did you see that one, the big guy getting out front and giving him a nice escort into the third level of the defense into the secondary. >> gus: stepfan taylor, three carries, 122 yards. steve ward, taylor in the backfield. taylor again. and he won't pick up the first down. it will be close. brings up third down and short. 6:30 to go in the fourth. number-two team in america in major trouble right now. >> charles: let's see how heavy they go in the backfield here for stanford, in on the line. i saw a couple big guys come off the field. they may show a different look from usc than what they're expecting on third and short.
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>> gus: in the backfield. kelsey young. yes! first down and more. kelsey young, redshirt freshman, from norfolk, california, picks up 11. >> charles: look how tight. what they want to do is get him to the perimeter, take it inside and pitch it to the outside so he has a direct line to the sideline for the first down and a little bit more. >> gus: how often did you see ladainian tomlinson run that with the san diego chargers in his prime? >> charles: he had a flash back, didn't he? >> gus: sure did. taylor. popping forward. taylor, smash mouth football for the cardinals. an eight-yard gain.
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>> charles: anthony wilkerson went out of the game early, meaning for carries for stepfan taylor. he doesn't mind. over 200 yards of total offense and two touchdowns. as a result, look at the usc defense, looking at the clock. breathing a little bit heavier. trying to sum it up to reserves. shut down stanford. this drive could mean everything to them. >> gus: second down and two at the 42. taylor again. first down and more! he gets to the 34 yard line, torin harris, first down cardinals. >> charles: boy, did he save it, because if torin harris doesn't make this tackle -- there's a sprint to the outside that
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stepfan taylor would have been leading. >> gus: that offensive line for stanford, quality play here in the second half. taylor in the i. hewitt lead block. flag on the play. hewitt may have gotten an early start. >> charles: he missed the first two games so his excitement level is probably higher than the rest of the team. >> referee: illegal formation, offense, five in the backfield. five-yard penalty. still first down. >> charles: usc rolling defensive linemen every play now. you see the wrap on his right ankle, hasn't prevented him from doing his job and a little bit more tonight.
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>> gus: stanford already over four minutes on this drive. matt bossily can only watch, hoping to get another shot. first down and 15, stepfan taylor again. and stepfan taylor crossing the 35, tackled by lamar dawson. and at the top of our broadcast, we told you, or you told us, this is a maserati versus a ford f-150. you said, charles, that stanford wants to pound these guys, and if they can can do it late in the second half, you'll see it. and that's what we're seeing right now. you talked with the body blows they were throwing all game long, would they cumulate and have an effect? and they have. and that ford f-150 stuff has a hemi. these guys are coming at them. >> gus: second down and eight at the 33. stepfan taylor.
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and taken down behind the line of scrimmage, lamar dawson with the tackle, brings up a big third down. >> charles: and usc will use a time-out here. >> gus: 2:54 to go in the fourth. the number-two team in the nation, trailing by seven on the road. >> gus: lane kiffin needs his defense to come up with a big stop here. to get matt barkley, marqise lee and robert woods back on the field. >> charles: and for david shaw, this call here says he wants the clock just to move and make stanford and usc burn a time-out, or is it he want possession and throw the football here to try and pick things up? the way they have been mashing, he may want to stay on the ground and force the clock.
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>> gus: watch zach ertz, the tight end in the slot at the top of your screen. third down and nine at the 34. nunes will throw it. looking for ertz! incomplete. it goes through his hands. and the clock stops at 2:51>> charles: and gave usc a free one there, because they don't need to use a time-out now. >> gus: dion bailey, jawanza starling covering. >> charles: ball just a little bit high and behind ertz and double coverage hits him so he doesn't have a chance to come back. bailey and starling colliding with ertz. >> gus: punted away and he needs this one. the end over end kick. fair caught at the 11 yard line by nickell robey. high drama here in palo alto, california.
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2:44 to go. as we take a look at our performance of the game. stepfan taylor, 260 total yards and two scores. but on the field now, comes matt barkley. considered the heisman trophy front runner, he darts from his 11. sc with one time-out left. barkley under pressure. gets it away, and telfer. terrence brown wraps him up. >> charles: derrick mason, the defensive coordinator for stanford is going to continue to do what has worked the second half. restrict his throwing lane. he's not much of a
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scr scramb scrambler. they just want him off his mark. look how -- right over the nose of the center. >> gus: second down and nine at the 12. barkley. over the middle! aghol agholor! and he drops it. terrific contact by alex carter. the freshman from ash ford, virginia. >> charles: and look at that, you see ed reynolds, 29, coming from inside-out. and making a play on the football. >> gus: correction, you're right. ed reynolds was the contact. the redshirt sophomo sophomore. third down, nine. at the 12. marqise lee. the receiver at the top of your screen. empty backfield. barkley underneath
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robert woods. and he won't get there. wrapped up at the 15 by alex. it's fourth down and four. usc going for it. >> charles: right to the line of scrimmage. first and l on defense. >> gus: 2 of 3 on fourth down conversions. barkley up top! incomplete! lee couldn't get his foot down. and with 1:25 to go, usc turns it over on down. >> charles: lee working, trying to get a split -- there's a foot in the back. i think they're going to have to take a look at this one.
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>> referee: previous plea was an incomplete pass. the play is under further review. >> charles: catch -- >> gus: he's in. >> charles: we have to be able to see the sideline to make sure there is nothing touching the white of the sideline. because we have to be able to see it to make sure. see the foot right there. that's a tough one, because i think the angle right down the sideline -- if available, is a conclusive one. >> gus: and charles, it looks like he got his toe down first. >> charles: it certainly did. looked inbounds as the heel was coming down. >> gus: let's bring in our rules analyst, mike herrera. mike, what did you see on this play? and we're trying to
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hunt down mike pereira. big play here. one more look. >> charles: right there, the toe comes down, the foot comes down. ball is caught. there's the toe and the heel. as long as the heel does not hit the sideline and the heel is all the way down, it's not hitting the sideline, i would think that's a catch. >> referee: after
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further review, the receiver got his left foot down inbounds. the ball went out of bounds. maintains possession. usc ball, first down and ten at the 34 yard line. >> gus: the trojans still with life. a buck 25 to go. >> charles: catch, foot, heel right there. they're saying inbounds. the replay official calls it good. usc has life. >> gus: from the 34, first down. barkley, under pressure. shayneskov in his face. second and ten. >> charles: derrick masons the defensive coordinator from stanford, he found a place. it's been difficult to plug up the hole for usc and that's the
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middle of the line of scrimmage. and he's running all of his pressures, his best pressures through there, and keeping someone over the nose with the center to occupy him. >> gus: stanford, 1:22 away from upsetting the number-two team in america. second and ten. barkley, up top. and agholor out of to him pa, florida with a gain of 20. >> charles: again, the clock stops, resets the chains. usc already at the line of scrimmage. >> gus: trojans with one time-out remaining at the stanford 46. they hand it off. curtis mcneal goes down. behind the line of scrimmage. ben gardner, defensively. >> charles: usc trying
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to get stanford to overrun with a pass rush towards barkley. >> gus: under a minute. second and 12. barkley in trouble! and a flag on the play. matt barkley lucky to get that one off. >> charles: i think that's got to go against tyrus hobbi. watch the middle. it's all he can do. >> referee: holding, offense, number 69. penalty declined down is three. >> charles: all he can go dense josh mauro, number 90 who ran him over and opened up the gate. >> gus: hobbi in for holmes, a redshirt freshman. this will be a game he'll remember for the rest of his life, becausee's had a rough debut. third down and 12 at the 48. as they back it up.
11:19 pm
now the ball spotted at the 42. there's colin holmes. shoulder pads off. second and 22 at the 42. curtis mcneal. here comes the blitz. barkley -- goes out again for the fourth time! and a time-out called by sc. their final time-out. it's about the friends you go to bat for. the ones who'll be there when they say they will. even if being there means crossing state lines.
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with no questions asked. because guys that leave no buddy behind deserve a beer that leaves no taste behind. and with great friends and a great tasting light beer, it's not just a good time. it's miller time. seconds away from beating the number-two team in the nation. the usc, third down and 28 for matt barkley. >> referee: false start, number 70, offense, five-yard penalty, still third down. >> gus: andre walker, the sophomore left tackle from cleveland, ohio. >> charles: i thought they could have gone either direction.
11:21 pm
graf. the noise contributing to issues for usc. this crowd obviously into it. >> gus: third down and 33. they need to get to the stanford 36. and once again! barkley goes down, big-time. this time it's thomas with 34 seconds remaining, sc. >> charles: that guy, number 44, we haven't call his name as much as we thought we would tonight. >> gus: fourth down and 40. barkley sees a miracle. let's it go on the field to woods. incomplete. and that will do it! the stanford
11:22 pm
cardinals, nine seconds away. >> gus: nine seconds. nunes and the offense. and that's it! stanford shocked the college football world! beating the
11:23 pm
second-ranked team in the natin. 21-14. and they storm the field in palo alto.
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now let's go down stairs to julie alexandria. >> julie: thanks so much, guys. you came in with some big shoes to fill. do you feel like you finally made a name for yourself with this game? >> always. our team did a great job tonight. the whole line did a great job tonight. >> julie: what did you keep reminding yourself as the game was going on? you guys had an explosive third and fourth quarter. >> i just kept telling myself to fall back that we've been practicing, and the guys did a great job. >> julie: congratulations. thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> gus: 21-14, the
11:25 pm
final. stanford shocked usc. of what a scene here in palo alto. now let's go to erin andrews in our fox studios. >> wow, guys. take a breath. good job with that. and now stanford beats usc four straight times. wow. after the break, we'll get you caught up on the other battle of the unbeaten, the fighting irish against the part tans in east lansing and arizona state visits mizzou. all that and more next on the at&t post game show. [ male announcer ] cowhide dries out. so does your manhide.
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can you imagine what david shaw is saying to his stanford cardinals right now? shoot, be careful on the field, all those crazy fans out there. nobody is going to class tomorrow morning. those smart kids at stanford, not going to class. welcome back to the at&t post game show. erin, eddie, joey, mercy. can we take a breath? first, before we do that, let's talk about this game, usc, matt barkley, stanford getting pressure on him all day.
11:31 pm
>> yeah, we talked about it, from the start, with the khalid holmes out at center, matt barkley had to trust the offensive line, had to trust they were going to protect his back. he looked fluttered in the pocket all day, whether that was because khalid holmes was out or because stanford's top seven was so good, sacked only eight times all last season. such a great job by stanford or maybe stanford's center being out. we don't know. >> intercepted twice. we talked in the pregame show about stanford's front seven. how are they able to contain really -- allow this usc running game never to get started? >> i talked to david shaw at the beginning of the week about this game, he said if it's not a blood bath, they're not winning. guess what, they're drawing it into a blood bath. 150 yards rushing. they sacked him five times, matt barkley, five times. all last year, only eight times. his jersey was dirty tonight. so today -- they really bet beet
11:32 pm
him up front in the trenches and played their game. >> let me ask you this. you mentioned in the pregame, the 0 and 3 would be in their mind. do you think it was in their head on that field? >> no doubt at all. >> let's get to the highlights now. notre dame visiting east lansing. what's in sparty's mind right now? the fighting irish? >> no freshman quarterback should ever do, throw across your body into the end zone, unless you have john goodman to make a one-handed catch for the 36-yard touchdown. 7-0, notre dame. later on golson, i'm not going to throw t i'm going run it, breaks up for a six-yard touchdown. notre dame up 14-0 at that point. later on in the second half, michig state trying to make a comeback. labian bell trying to do it against boise. jump over people. maybe that would work. because nothing else seemed to be working all night. he got higher this time than
11:33 pm
last time. >> you know who they miss? eddie, missouri, welcoming in arizona state. >> exciting. nine yards up the middle for the touchdown. no good. 24-20, arizona state losing. last chance, taylor kelly picked off by walker out of the end zone. and missouri wraps it up. 24-20. >> and they were able to do this without their quarterback, james franklin. he was out tonight. wisconsin hosting utah state, it wasn't a cupcake game at all. >> yeah, eddie jones upset of the day. keaton finding webb to set up the game-winning field goal. thompson from 37 yards -- >> ah! >> first and ten for the year and no good. >> wisconsin gets out 15-14. >> what is going on? don't forget to log on to
11:34 pm for the at&t player which is hosted by our charles davis. coming up on fox, your late local news, except on the west coast. tomorrow on fox, pick up week two of the nfl season in style. eddie, you put in some o.t. and join the boys onset to break down a.t.'s return to dominance. and jimmy johnson heads back to dallas. the inside info and the big rig. all tomorrow on fox nfl sunday pregame show. and phenom rg3 takes on the rams. check your local listings on your local fox affiliate. all begins with the built ford tough fox nfl pregame show at noon eastern. 9:00 a.m. pacific. all right, this one didn't disappoint an one next week. please join us. kansas state taking on oklahoma.
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for eddie, for joey, i'm erin an truce. enjoy the rest of your saturday. when you first got internet at home
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but it isn't always eaeasy to fd one... anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. our top story tonight. a call for more anti-american protests in the middle east. and an evacuation order to get americans stationed overseas to safety. thanks for staying with us tonight. the violence continues overseas as the al qaeda chapter in the rabian peninsula is calling for more attacks on u.s. embassies
11:39 pm
abroad. in an internet message, they say their ultimate goal is to banish u.s. consulates from muslim countries. the u.s. state department is now warning americans traveling and living abroad, especially in libya, tunisia, and sudan, if their jobs are not essential, to get out now. meanwhile, the white house is speaking out about tuesday's attack on the u.s. consulates in libya, claiming there was no actionable intelligence suggesting the attack was planned. members of congress briefed on the incident are not convinced. fox's molly heninberg has the latest. >> reporter: there was an ied attack, an improvised explosive device attack on that consulate in benghazi, libya in june and the red cross in benghazi came under fire in august. the white house insists that the 9/11 attack on the consulate in benghazi came in response to a privately made video posted online in june that the muslims found offensive. here is what the president said about it in the weekly internet
11:40 pm
address. >> will is no relationen that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there is no excuse for the consulates being attacked. and so long as i'm commander in chief the united states will not tolerate attacks on americans. >> chris stevens and the other three killed in the attack were brought to the united states on friday. there is no intelligence to suggest that there it is a pre- planned attack but the intelligence committee is not so sure. >> there is no high degree of confidence that it is or was not premeditated. there are still analysts who disagree from our civilian agencies and our department of defense agencies. i've look at all of the information. >> reporter: and the obama administration says it asked google, which owns youtube to look at the video and make sure it meets its standards. in response, youtube said in a statement, quote, this video, which is widely available on
11:41 pm
the web, is clearly within our guidelines. and so it will stay on youtube. however, we restricted access to it in countries where it is illegal. such as india, and indonesia. as well as in libya and egypt. given the very sensitive situations in these two countries. youtube also says it did not restrict that video in those countries because of the white house inquiry. at the white house, molly heninberg, fox news. >> the council on american islamic relations is asking protesters not to blame the american government for the controversial independent film sparking anger. the group's national executive director tells viewers that the film was designed to distract from the good things that are happening in newly freed societies around the world. in california federal investigators have interviewed a man linked to the anti- islamic film. 55-year-old nakoula basseley nakoula is the man ao known as sam bacile, believed to be the producer of the small
11:42 pm
independent film called the innocence of muslims. he was questioned at the los angeles sheriff's station early this morning. and he is under investigation because he has been convicted of financial crimes in the past. but he has not been arrested for this film. >> we've never handcuffed. he was never arrested. never detained. never in custody. it was all voluntary. he covered himself up with a cloth on the face. that's what he wanted. and he had every right to do it. >> nakoula is on probation for financial crimes and key go back to prison if a judge decides he violated the terms of of the probation. he denice being involved in the film. the cop tick orthodox churches across the country are bracing for backlash because of the anti-muslim film promoted by a reported church member. saint mark's cop tick church in fairfax was quick to condemn the 13-minute film and hoping the 19th annual egyptian festival will show the
11:43 pm
community what they're all about. >> the coptic orthodox church has its roots in egypt and the egyptian festival is an event church members at saint mark's coptic orthodox church in fairfax look forward to every year. this year, some of the talk centered on the anti-islam film, the innocence of muslims. promoted by a coptic church member in california. it portrays the prophet muhammad as a womanizer and homosexual and child abuser. it sparked violent protests in the middle east and is implicated in the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador to libya and other americans. >> i've seen a couple of seconds which was more than enough to be offended by it and i understand why people would be offended and disapprove of the film. >> reporter: father paul says the film goes against everything the coptic orthodox church stand force. >> we condemn any acts that create hatred among any
11:44 pm
religion or direct people's hatred toward any religion. >> reporter: saint mark's opened its doors for church tours during the festival so the community could learn more about their faith. >> we're christian furth. orthodox second. and coptic third. so our values are christian values. >> and the coptic church member, a religious minority in europe, and muslims, the difference is a reality. and the man behind the film, his intent he says was to highlight discrimination against the coptic church by muslims. >> that probably has more to do with the political situation in egypt but no, it is not what we're taught at all. we're taught the teachings of christ just as any other christian church is taught and that's what we live by. >> hopefully those peaceful values will help stem the violence soon. audrey barns, fox 5 news. nato is speaking out about an attack that targeted prince harry of wales and killed two
11:45 pm
american marines. taliban fighters launched an assault overnight in camp bastion in southern afghanistan. the base is large and officials say prince harry was a mile away from where the attack took place. >> at no time was he in danger. and when the attack started, shortly thereafter, the taliban was claiming that they did this because of the video that was on youtube at that time. a couple of hours later, they were claiming, all of a sudden, it was because of prince harry. so what is it now? apparently this is another way of doing their propaganda. >> nato says troops at the base killed 18 of the insurgents and wounded one. in addition to the two american deaths, several other nato troops were wounded. a developing story in fairfax county. where vandals busted out windows in a number of cars near a mosque early this morning. at first, some people thought it might have been a hate
11:46 pm
crime. but fairfax county police say they were only random actions of vandalism: the imam in charch of outreach in falls church says his followers have a good relationship with the community. >> we don't think the people who perpetrated this are part of the fabric of that community. and by the same token, don't think it is related to events overseas, but the problem is, right now, after the tragic death of the u.s. ambassador, there is a fear that people have that there might be a backlash. >> the center held a vigil tonight to show that the source of recent violence does not speak for the center's community, which instead is moving together in a positive direction. a deadly pedestrian accident in prince george's county tonight. police say a man died after he was hit by an vehicle on annapolis road on landham
11:47 pm
around 9:00. police say the vehicle stayed on the scene. no word whether any charges will be filed. dc police say two victims were shot early this morning in southeast. it happened at about 2:15 in the 700 block of 12th street. the victim's names and conditions have not been released. police have not arrested the suspect but they do have a description. just moments later, there was another shooting at w and 15th streets in northeast. all we know about this one was the adult male who was shot was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. we do not know his name. a self-defense fundraiser in maryland today to raise money for the family of a murdered teenaged girl. amber stanley was shot to death in her bed, inside her prince george's county home back in august. even though she wasn't attacked on the street, the founder of a local self-defense academy says he wants to reach out and help protect women and young people from crime. and that's why he put the event together. >> it has gone really well. i think the right people came out and that's important to people, it is ready for change and tired of the violence in the community. and they're here to take a
11:48 pm
stand. what we want to do is take this initiative now and go into the community and rally the folks up to have change in the community. we're sick and tired of the violence against our children. >> scott held the fundraiser at the high school where he was a student. a drowning victim, found by investigators in the potomac river yesterday. he was not identified but he was in his late teens or early 20s. they believe he got into the water south of river bend park and waded to the middle and then became trapped. marylanders probably can feel it but they had an earthquake today. the u.s. geological survey says it hit in eastern frederick county near the carroll county line. 11 miles from westminster. it registered 2.1 magnitude at 6:00 this morning. now, for a check on the forecast. you can certainly tell september has arrived. lots of sun. but not that stifling heat we've had for so long.
11:49 pm
gwenn is in the weather center with what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. hi, gwenn. >> hi, maureen. you probably felt the winds pick up a little bit today. but other than that, very, very pleasant. let's look at the maps and show you what is happening. satellite radar composite here, not much going on and a few clouds pushing their way through across areas of the south but they will be out of the way before too long and basically some clear skies in the course of tonight. and the current temperatures, it is a very mild 67 degrees right now. at reagan national airport. 60 at baltimore. 63 degrees at annapolis. and 58 through to the south at fredericksburg and 56 at dulles. not bad at all. pretty comfortable over the next course of the 24 hours or so. 57 degrees the overnight low. a lot cooler for the area of the western 'burbs. in the low as, and give or take a degree or two. and cooler in the mountains. partly cloudy and clearing
11:50 pm
skies through the course of tonight. sunday is looking absolutely pleasant for you. happy to enthe weekend that way but the week ahead, we have some changes in the forecast. and i will have that coming up later with my fox a accokeek seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you, gwenn. still to come, a deadly super bug kills another patient at a maryland clinic. in virginia, a concern about new voter i.d. laws had one civil rights group going door to door. and big cuts that could slash agency funding in 2013. those stories and more coming up when we return. 
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
49 years ago today, members of the kkk blew up the 16th street baptist church in birmingham, alabama, killing four little girls, who were getting ready to go to sunday school. the church had been a meeting place for leaders of the civil rights and voting rights movement. today, organizers with the naacp asked their members to commemorate those victims by spending part of the day registering voters.
11:54 pm
fox 5 john henrehan has more. >> give me a v. give me an o. >> dozens gathered at the alfred street baptist church in alexandria to participate in an naacp sponsored voter registration van for the november general election. the concern of the civil rights group. state legislatures in recent years have changed the rules for votes. >> what are we going to do? >> vote. >> and in 38 states across this nation, folks are trying to stop your access to the voting box. but as the ptor said, too many people dyed for us to have the opportunity to vote. >> now, there is an effort in what we call voter suppression. will is no cause for it -- there is no cause for it other than political intent. there isn't any problem. there isn't any fraud.
11:55 pm
>> virginia's republican- dominated legislature now requires some form of identification before voting such as a driver's license, company photo i.d., or you a a- utility bill with your -- or a utility bill with your name and address. some voters like virginia fader have no objection to the tightened requirements. >> i believe that most people have voter i.d.s or can furnish proof of their residence. >> are you registered to vote? >> the opponents think it is a plot. >> it is wrong and wretched and ridiculous. it may even be illegal. we're trying to work on it. but in the meantime, act like you belong to a jay-z concert and show up. >> at the nonpartisan rally, the name barack obama was never uttered. but a voter registration drive in liberal-leaning alexandria is far likelier to yield obama voters than it is to yield romney voters. but that's not why volunteer
11:56 pm
registrar evan smith participated. >> just vote. based on what is important to you. and whatever candidate is best suited to fulfill your needs, you need to vote. >> to vote in virginia, people must be registered by mid october. >> on to the next. >> john henrehan, fox 5 news. coming up, her story made headlines nationwide. just ahead, the georgia woman who contracted a rare flesh- eating bacteria is back at home. and thanking her community for their support. what she didn't expect, a lot of thank yous in return. coming up next. [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing
11:57 pm
when president t obama took office. this is china's. under obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs and for the first time, china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters, and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to stop cheating. failing american workers. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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11:59 pm
a health alert from the national institutes of health. a seventh person has died after contracting a deadly super bug at the clinical center in bethesda. the patient was a boy from minnesota who arrived at the research hospital

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